גיל: 29 שנים
גובה: 169 ס"מ
משקל: 52 ק"ג
צבע שיער: בלונדיני
צבע עיניים: ירוק
מידת חולצה: S
מידת נעליים: 39
שפות: אסטונית, ערבית, שוודית
מקצוע או כשרונות נוספים: contemporary dance, dance sport, singing (soprano), horse riding, runway walk
ניסיון בתחום: I studied Performing Arts at the Moscow School of New Cinema, where I participated in workshops of international filmmakers such as Fred Kelemen, Philippe Grandrieux, Albert Serra and Isabelle Stever. I performed in theatre productions at Meyerhold Center in Moscow, including drama and contemporary dance shows, acted in independent films and TV-series, and played Robin in the musical Godspell revival, staged by Canadian director Tim Sell. After moving to Israel in summer 2022 I took part in several productions in Tel-Aviv theaters. My current project is "My Name is Asher Lev" staged by CBDB Productions in English language at the Khan theater (Jerusalem). Two articles about our performance were recently published at the Jerusalem Post newspaper.